Stem Cell

Stem Cells: What Are They?

Stem cells can be used to facilitate natural healing. Stem cells can be described as the body’s internal repairing system. Succinctly, stem cells kickstart the process of regenerating tissues that are damaged.

Stem cells are capable of helping with muscle repair, torn cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, and even arthritis. Studies show how beneficial stem cells are for a vast array of medical complications. They can help individuals live healthier and stronger lives.

How Are Stem Cells Able to Help You?

The body has regenerative properties. When you get a cut or break a bone your body heals those ailments. Stems cells are a type of cell that is responsible for creating new healthy tissue in your body. As we age, we have less of these cells available, so the body starts to degenerate instead of regenerate. Health issues like, shoulder pain, knee pain, and hip pain are common as people age. Living mesenchymal stem cells that come from a donated umbilical cord after a c-section birth, can be used in joints and other areas to stimulate the healing process and regenerate new healthy tissue.

What does the process of stem cell therapy entail?

You were born with mesenchymal stem cells. They are developed to regenerate and repair healthy tissue. The older we get, the fewer stem cells we have available inside our bodies. These specialized cells serve as signal receivers from other cells inside your body. From there, stem cells seek out degeneration and inflammation before starting the tissue repair process. People who suffer from chronic neck, back, hip, shoulder, and knee pain may experience permanent or long-term relief, as opposed to the short-term fixes that come from cortisone or other medications.

Where do stem cells originate from, specifically?

Umbilical cords are the source of stem cells. They come into play once a healthy baby is delivered. Human stem cells from your umbilical cord are taken from hospitals all over the USA. Mothers sign consent forms stating that they are donating blood from the umbilical cord to a certain hospital once their babies are born. The only stem cells that are accepted are ones that come from umbilical cord blood. The babies and mothers must also both be in good health.

Who would be a suitable stem cell therapy candidate?

If you’re in search of a natural solution for body regeneration, you are encouraged to speak with a specialist – namely a Regenerative Medicine Professional – about your issues. Stem cells have been shown to effectively help and repair shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, hand and wrist pain, foot pain, as well as facial rejuvenation reducing wrinkles and tightening skin. It helps get rid of arthritis, build new cartilage, and helps with tendons and ligaments that might have been torn or sprained.