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  • Hip Pain
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  • Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Facial Rejuvination

Shoulder Treatment Testimonial under conditions treated

Shoulder Injury Treatment

The body’s shoulder joint happens to play a big role in our lives, as it helps us manage daily tasks (eating, driving, picking up something, etc.). If this particular body part experiences pain, it may be quite debilitating, and worse, can result in other problems. Minor tasks that were once easy turn into overwhelming ordeals for people suffering from shoulder injuries. We can be of assistance if you happen to suffer from one or more of the shoulder conditions below. Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach has a Regenerative Cell Treatment for you that can restore your health and help you live without pain. We can help you get things back to normal. The Regenerative Medicine Program we offer can help with the following:

Shoulder Injuries

Our shoulders help us do a lot of things we take for granted, like pushing, pulling, swinging, and lifting things. The actual shoulder joint is developed for mobility, allowing us to move the way we do. With that said, our mobility comes at the cost of stability. An individual may injure themselves performing a certain activity, whether that involves lifting weights or hanging a painting. Further, because of how frequently our shoulders are used, it may be troublesome to heal properly. The shoulder can easily get reinjured, thus turning into a reoccurring issue. If scar tissue eventually gets healed, the inflammation that follows may result in an entirely new problem. Someone could heal up, and any pain they experience may go away. However, they may end up losing full or partial use of their shoulders because of inflammation and stiffness stimulated by tightened connective tissue and ligaments.

Tears in Rotator Cuffs

Rotator cuffs can be described as a four-muscle network that unite when tendons form a covering over your upper arm bone’s head. This keeps our arm bones attached firmly to the shoulder blade’s socket (scapula). The muscle network can end up tearing for all sorts of reasons, including overuse. People who tend to be susceptible to the injury are ones that make a lot of overhead movements frequently (mostly athletes). These types of injuries can result in immense pain, joint instability, and severe weakness, to the point where you won’t be able to move your arm. In order to stop the pain from worsening, and to start your recovery process, get in touch with Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach.  Our Regenerative Cell Treatments can heal your rotator cuff after we inject fortified cells that are enhanced with growth factors and cytokines. Upon injection, natural cells in the body will facilitate the healing process, fixing the tear and letting you live a life free from pain.

Shoulder Degeneration

This progressive and gradual condition can come about for all sorts of reasons, including disease and age. It’s something that may gradually worsen over time when left untreated. The degeneration affects shoulder cartilage protecting and surrounding your bones. Once the cartilage starts wearing away, bones will start making contact with your joint, causing them to rub against one another. Such rubbing will stimulate certain symptoms, including bone spurs, inflammation, pain, and swelling. Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach uses Regenerative Cell Therapy in order to isolate certain areas that have become damaged or are wearing away. An injection of cells with a high immune cell concentration will be made into this area. This can help stimulate healing, actually repairing the joint, arthritis and cartilage, minimize inflammation and pain, and stop or slow down scar tissue progression.


Bursae can be described as sacks that are filled with fluid. They offer a layer of protection between the bones, muscles, and tissue. The protective layer permits things in your body to smoothly move without anything rubbing together. After bursae gets inflamed, it turns into bursitis. This condition causes pain and stiffness in shoulder joints. Do you suffer from shoulder injuries? Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach can help! The Regenerative Cell Treatments we provide can reduce inflammation while removing or decreasing stiffness and pain. Cells that we inject have high growth factors, which helps to minimize inflammation while healing the bursae. The treatment is non-invasive, and can be performed in our clinic. It doesn’t take very long to act, so it won’t be long before you start living your life free from pain again. Book a consultation for free today. You’ll be able to restore mobility and joint health sooner than you think!

Treatment of Knee Injuries

Our knees are one of the body’s most complex and sizable joints. The femur is connected to our shins from the knee. Smaller bones that run alongside the kneecap, tibia, and fibula make up the rest of your knee joint. It is what allows us to remain mobile and active. A lot of people who experience joint degeneration or knee injuries find that their physical activities are abruptly halted.

Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach offers treatment for all sorts of conditions impacting the knee. Each one of our professionals will put together a customized treatment plan in order to restore a sense of normalcy to your life. We have what it takes to end knee pain that is debilitating you. Our program can restore joint mobility and health, allowing you to return to day-to-day activities with ease.

The Regenerative Medicine Program we offer can help with the following:

Meniscus Tears

After there is a rupture in your meniscus cartilage (because of either gradual wear or a traumatic injury), it is considered to be a meniscus tear. These kinds of injuries are usually very limiting and painful. Your knee won’t be able to function as it normally does with this kind of injury. Your meniscus is situated close to your knee joint. The rubbery cartilage piece serves as a shock absorber for the body. It can be likened to a kind of pad that protects and stabilizes the knees. Meniscus tears come in three different degrees: minor, moderate, and severe. Severe meniscus tears happen when ruptured meniscus pieces penetrate your knee joint, impacting the functionality of your knee, resulting in plenty of pain. For moderate and minor meniscus tears, pain typically goes away after resting for a couple of weeks, or through conventional treatments. Anyone suffering from a meniscus tear understands the implications that come with removing a meniscus through surgery. These individuals opt to bypass the risks and side effects generally associated with a steroid injection as well.

Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach provides a surgery alternative that is non-invasive. No steroid injections are involved, either. We have what it takes to treat any underlying issues causing the pain, and do so by using Regenerative Cell Therapy. This approach allows the medial collateral ligament to repair itself. The knee will be able to hold your bones together again, alleviating the pressure on the area’s other components (like the meniscus and articular cartilage).

Knee Degeneration

Joint degeneration can come about in any body joint – particularly ones that experience significant use. Your knees move in many different ways each day, so experiencing pain that comes with those movements can feel debilitating. Degeneration of your joints will happen gradually, though this can worsen suddenly and get more extreme. Soft tissues – including cartilage – inside knee joints can deteriorate, dehydrate, or sustain damages from any kind of injury. Tissues such as these offer a padded cushion between your bones to make movements more smooth. After these tissues start wearing down, friction inside the joint may result in bone spurs, swelling, inflammation, and similar painful symptoms.

Advancements in regenerated health allows us to naturally treat certain degenerative joint conditions. Regenerative Cell Therapy utilizes those cells to isolate deteriorating and damaged tissues for the sake of healing your pain. Anyone who suffers from painful knee degeneration effects should get in touch with Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach for pain relief.

PCL or ACL Injuries

The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) - along with the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) - are a couple of major ligaments in your body that offers stability and strength inside the knee joint. A ligament can be described as a thick tissue band that connects bones together. Not long ago, injuries to connective tissues like these can be debilitating, painful, and be challenging to treat, let alone heal. Knee joint injuries were once considered to be permanent damage.

In the past, the most typical treatment for a torn ligament inside the knee involved arthroscopic reconstruction and surgery, which was quite invasive. Regenerative medicine developments have made natural and effective treatments of ACL and PCL injuries more possible. Regenerative Cell Therapy and similar procedures provide minimally invasive options for treatment, and can help anyone suffering from a knee injury. Best of all, there is minimal downtime involved (in comparison to conventional surgery). As such, you can eliminate or reduce the pain in your knee, then literally get back to your feet quicker than ever!


Runner’s knee (a.k.a. chondromalacia) happens when the knee’s underside gets inflamed, and cartilage supporting it deteriorates. When supported cartilage wears down or gets damaged, it may become troublesome to straighten out and bend your leg. It happens to many young athletes, though just about anyone is susceptible to chondromalacia, especially if they suffer from knee arthritis.

Is Knee Pain Preventing You from What You Need to Do? The Regenerative Medicine Treatment We Provide Can Help!

The treatment known as Regenerative Cell Therapy is a natural alternative to surgery, pain medications, and steroid injections. Experts use these cells to isolate specific inflamed areas or injuries on the body for the sake of alleviating pain. Such state-of-the-art techniques expedite healing and relief for just about anyone suffering from knee pain. Book a consultation for free with us and get back on the path of optimal health.

Hip Injury Treatment

A hip joint can be described as a socket and ball synovial joint. It is created by the articulation between your femur’s head and pelvic acetabulum. The hip joint is intended to offer weight-bearing ability and stability. The areas where hip pain is experienced can be debilitating or simply annoying. Further, hip conditions might throw off not only your gait, but your posture as well. If your hip pain is left unattended, other conditions may come about throughout the rest of your spine.

If chronic pain is experienced in your hip, Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach may be able to help you. Our medical experts can offer an assortment of treatment choices to you based on whatever your unique symptoms and conditions are. Areas we offer treatment for include hip bursitis, hip degeneration, hip osteoarthritis, labrum tears, and hip pain. The Regenerative Medicine program that we provide can restore the health of your joints, as well as their mobility. It won’t be long before you’ll start resuming your daily activities again.

Our Regenerative Medicine Programs can help you with the following:

Hip Pain

Many people are affected by hip pain. Such pain may make it hard to stand, sit, and walk. Many things can cause hip pain, so having it evaluated properly will be necessary in order to determine what is the root of the problem. Some of the conditions that trigger hip pain are osteonecrosis, tendinitis, bursitis, and osteoarthritis, among others.

Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge with regards to treatment. Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach are considered to be industry pioneers, as far as regenerative medicine is concerned. We offer effective alternatives to medicine and surgery, and no steroids are involved. The same-day services we offer can alleviate hip pain, regardless of what is causing it. Our PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and our regenerative cell processes are capable of treating all sorts of underlying conditions and damages that could be triggering your pain. Each one of our practitioners utilizes Regenerative Cell Therapy for the sake of strengthening and rebuilding damaged tissue in the hip. We endeavor to improve your lifestyle and eliminate pain completely for you.

Labrum Tear

These kinds of tears come about through all sorts of ways. However, the biggest one involves sports injuries. The labrum’s exterior portion connects to tendons directly. That’s why athletes that execute a significant amount of motion and force (baseball pitchers, weightlifters, and golfers, for example) are at a high risk of developing this kind of injury.

Labrum tears usually happen because of trauma. Traumatic injuries can come about from something as simple as falling down, resulting in a hip strain, if not a sudden pull or direct blow. A labrum tear may also come about from cartilage degradation because of repetitive motion or overuse. It may be even caused by a hip that has become dislocated.

If you suffer from pain in the hip, and it came about because of a tear in your labrum, we will be able to help you. Regenerative treatment recovery times tend to be quite minimal. You’ll be able to relieve symptoms and restore your quality of life much quicker. Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach’s integrative procedures can treat labrum tears so that your life can be restored to what it used to be before the injury happened.

Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip osteoarthritis usually manifests from consistent use throughout your life. Most people experience osteoarthritis in some type of form. Cartilage offers a bit of a buffer, of sorts, in your joints right between your bones. This makes movement much easier and smoother. This cartilage is capable of becoming brittle and breaking down over time. When there is a lack of cartilage to stop your bones from touching and rubbing against one another, damage can ensue. You might experience painful inflammation and swelling, which negatively impacts you each day. Ultimately, soreness and stiffness can restrict mobility, resulting in incredible pain when the joint is moved.

Historically speaking, hip pain was something that was tough to treat. The only options that were available to people were surgery, pain medications, and steroid injections. Our professionals can offer you treatment for hip osteoarthritis healing. Regenerative cell therapy involves a procedure that takes place in our clinic. It is non-invasive and alleviates osteoarthritis pain effectively and safely, allowing you to start living your life the way you’re used to.

Hip Degeneration

Perhaps the joint that is used the most in your body is the hips. The older we get, the more worn-down they become. Hip degeneration symptoms might suddenly come about. Once cartilage that surrounds and protects hip bones wear down, they start rubbing against one another. The friction that ensues between those bones may result in the following:

  • Bone spur development.
  • Joint motion range limitations.
  • Stiffness.
  • Swelling.
  • Inflammation.
  • Extreme pain.

Regenerative medicine makes it feasible to treat hip degeneration effectively without any steroid injections, medications, or prescriptions involved. In some cases, it might even be beneficial for people looking to avoid the high risks that come with surgery. These advanced procedures use regenerative cells to heal certain damaged tissue areas. When aging and inflammation slow natural cell production down, pain, scar tissue, and inflammation can ensue quite rapidly. The process is supported by your immune system, which helps to heal degeneration and damage inside the hip joint effectively.

Hip Bursitis

Small sacks filled with fluid called bursae are stored in the body’s larger joints. Bursae offers padding between bones, tissues, and muscles. They let joints smoothly move without friction. When at least one bursae gets inflamed, the condition known as bursitis develops. It may come out inside your hip joints, leading to stiffness and/or pain that ranges from mild to extreme. Regardless, movement becomes quite uncomfortable.

Bursitis treatment should minimize inflammation causing the stiffness and pain in the hip joint. One of the treatments we provide is called Regenerative Cell Therapy. It takes concentrated cells and utilizes them for the sake of treating areas that are damaged and inflamed. In doing so, your pain becomes much more manageable. The procedure is non-surgical, and can be performed in our clinic. We can help you eliminate and alleviate hip pain naturally and quickly, letting you return to a sense of normalcy shortly afterward.

Chronic Hip Pain is Avoidable – Don’t Let Yourself Become a Victim!

The professionals at Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach will offer you hip pain relief. Book a consultation for free and let us go over your options for treatment. It won’t be long before you can return to a life free of pain.

Neck Treatment Testimonial under conditions treated

Back and Neck Conditions That We Treat

The American Chiropractic Association claims that 31% of people in the USA experience back issues annually. This condition happens to be the biggest disability because for Americans. Muscles in our back and core situated along the spine allow us to walk, move, and stay upright. People who experience extreme back pain might be fairly limited, as far as physical activity is concerned. If pain becomes so severe that it prevents you from walking, a life quite sedentary will follow, most of which will be spent lying down.

You don’t need to suffer like this, though. Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach handles all sorts of conditions, as shown below. We can use Regenerative Cell Treatments to restore some normalcy in your life. You’ll be up and running in no time with very little pain remaining (if any at all). You’ll be able to spend the rest of your life free of pain.

Dealing with Back and Neck Pain

Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach specializes in treatments for back pain that can alleviate soreness, discomfort, and severe pain that could be inhibiting your daily activities. We can treat a variety of conditions on the very same day you come to see us, and do so directly in our clinic. The treatments we use will alleviate whatever your condition is, whether you suffer from spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, a herniated disc, intervertebral disc degeneration, or spondylolisthesis.

The Regenerative Medicine Program we provide patients with helps them restore their healthy and active lifestyles. Our Regenerative Cell Therapy and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) procedures can address damaged tissues, in addition to underlying conditions causing you pain. Doctors will be able to inject those cells into a targeted area. This will kickstart the body’s natural process of healing, allowing you to restore your daily activities pain-free.

Our Regenerative Medicine Program can also help you with the following:

Facet Syndrome

This condition impacts small joints that lie between vertebrae, which is what your spine is made up of. Facet syndrome happens to be a common condition that causes neck and lower back pain. Small joints such as these are moving consistently. They give us the flexibility and stability we need to bend, turn, sit, and walk. The small joints in the spine and neck are comprised of cartilage and soft tissues that are capable of absorbing shock when we move. As such, bones are protected from rubbing up against one another, which nullifies friction. Friction is capable of stimulating inflammation, not to mention joint swelling and headaches. It makes the slightest of movements – small as they may be – incredibly painful.

Traditionally, facet syndrome was hard to treat. However, regenerative medicine developments have paved the way for contemporary treatment options. As an example, one alternative to steroid injections, surgery, and medications involves Regenerative Cell Therapy. This natural treatment does not come with the lengthy recovery periods and risks that the other conventional treatment options do. Our professionals will isolate specific inflammation and pain areas for the sake of alleviating pain. A completely natural healing process will be triggered by our treatment in an effort to repair tissues that are damaged.

Degenerative Disc Disease

The spine is comprised of different vertebrae, all separated by cartilage and soft tissue that serves as padding between your bones. Cartilage that lies between your bones are called discs. Each individual disc prevents bones from making contact with one another. When cartilage starts wearing down or gets damaged, disc degeneration ensues.

If left untreated, this condition can restrict your mobility, as well as trigger chronic pain and bone spurs. Anyone who suffers from back issues doesn’t have to succumb to steroid injections, surgical procedures, or pain medications anymore. Our specialists can provide you with revolutionary treatment options capable of minimizing inflammation. They are also capable of treating scar tissue development in a pain-free manner.

Lumbar Arthritis

This condition involves chronic soft tissue inflammation within the lower back joints. Cartilage discs sitting between each vertebra offers stability and support for back movement. When supported tissues like these get damaged or start to deteriorate, inflammation and swelling can come about. Friction between your bones plays a huge role in the pain associated with this condition.

Arthritis may be a chronic and ongoing problem that causes stiffness, swelling, and pain. It also restricts your mobility, as well as your capacity to perform regular activities. However, regenerative medicine is capable of eliminating inflammation-causing lumbar arthritis symptoms. Regenerative cell therapy uses certain healing cells in order to isolate pain areas, stimulate supportive soft tissue growth, and reduce inflammation.


Wear/tear arthritis may sometimes be referred to as degenerative arthritis. These days, it is referred to as osteoarthritis. When protective cartilage that covers bone starts degenerating, osteoarthritis kicks in. Degeneration comes about when flaking or tiny cracks start forming. Eventually, this could lead to cartilage loss in that area. After the cartilage goes away, friction between bones may cause bony growths or spurs to start forming around your joints.

Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach can provide you with a completely non-invasive treatment that is a practical alternative to traditional options. Our Regenerative Treatment can eliminate your pain and minimize recovery time. It can also help you bypass the risks associated with conventional treatments. The procedure treats and targets any underlying damages causing your pain. Our osteoarthritis treatment involves a mix of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy and Regenerative Cell Therapy.

Are You Being Inhibited by Back and Neck Pain?

Back and/or neck pain impacts many people every year. Hope is on the horizon, though. Book a consultation with us for free to find out how you can live without pain once again.

Wrist and Hand Injuries That We Treat

Wrists and hands are utilized for just about everything we do. As such, pain experienced in such areas can limit the things we do significantly. If we can’t properly use our hands and wrists, then we won’t be able to perform daily tasks that we are accustomed to, whether that involves picking something up, eating food, or typing on a keyboard.

Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach’s Regenerative Cell Treatments can restore the health of your hands and wrists. The Regenerative Medicine Program we offer restores biological functionality, optimizing joint mobility and overall health, allowing you to get back to a sense of normalcy.

The Regenerative Medicine Programs we offer can help you with the following:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Applying excessive pressure on your carpal tunnel may result in your median nerve being pinched. This could lead to a number of issues that your hand and wrist will experience, some of which will involve tingling, pain, and inhibited functionality. Your carpal tunnel can be described as a type of pathway that starts at your elbow and travels down to your hand. You’ll find it in the inner area of the arm. It is where the median nerve is located, along with other essential tendons. If carpal tunnel syndrome is something you’re experiencing, and you want a solution that doesn’t come with any side effects that other traditional treatments have, we encourage you to speak with Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach.

We provide alternatives to conventional carpal tunnel syndrome treatments that are non-invasive. Each one of our healthcare professionals will dig deep into any underlying issues potentially causing your pain. Regenerative medicine will be used to heal whatever is causing the wrist pain. Your condition will be thoroughly assessed before a solution is recommended.

Wrist Arthritis

Wrist and hand arthritis can be described as tissue inflammation inside your joints. All of your joints are comprised of soft tissues, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that offer padding wherever bones intercept. This cushioning prevents bones from rubbing up against one another, which results in friction. When damage is apparent, or deterioration inside the joints is looming, arthritis may come about. More often than not, the condition will be progressive, worsening and developing gradually. A traumatic and sudden injury to your wrist and hand joints’ soft tissues can lead to stiffness, inflammation, and arthritis pain.

This condition can become chronic. The worse it gets, the harder it will be to treat. Modern technology has brought us non-invasive treatments that can minimize inflation, as well as heal arthritic pain. The regenerative procedures we provide are done on the very same day that you visit us, and they happen directly in our clinic. We can help you heal your wrists and hands naturally, eliminating or reducing pain for you.

Are You Being Held Back by Hand and Wrist Pain?

Our wrists and hands are necessary for daily function and activity. Are your wrists and hands causing problems for you? Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach can help treat, heal, and eliminate conditions potentially causing the pain. Our experts are specialists in Regenerative Treatment, and can help you resume your day-to-day activities. Book a consultation with us to determine what we can do to help you.

Elbow Injuries We Treat

Your forearm is connected to your upper arm by the elbow. That means the elbow has connective tissues that surround it (and plenty of them, at that). Keeping that in mind, many things are capable of going wrong with these connections. You could experience a pinched nerve or tendon tear. When such injuries come about, they result in elbow pain, as well as pain in other areas in your arm. Injuries in other areas of the body can also stimulate elbow pain (which can trigger a potential pinched nerve inside your neck).

Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach can help you if you suffer from the conditions below. We will determine what the cause is of any elbow pain you experience. Our Regenerative Cell Treatments can restore a pain-free life for you. The Regenerative Medicine Program we offer can optimize joint mobility and health, allowing you to resume your day-to-day activities.

The Regenerative Medicine Programs we offer can help with the following:

Lateral Epicondylitis

This common elbow pain is sometimes referred to as – among other names – “tennis elbow.” It is a painful but common condition that comes about when small tears are made on the elbow’s side area. This is where tendons are connected to bone from the exterior joint area. It stimulates pain when you move, and limits movement from the arm. Lateral epicondylitis is a common condition for anyone over the age of 30.

Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach provides a non-invasive and effective alternative to surgery and steroid injections. Regenerative cell therapy is used in conjunction with PRP, in addition to other types of regenerative procedures, in order to treat any underlying damages stimulating this condition. These forms of therapy can repair tendon tears, as well as restore back movement. They will go a long way towards helping you live a life free of pain.

Golfer’s Elbow

Rowing elbow, handshaking politician’s Elbow, pitcher’s elbow, Little Leaguer’s elbow, and climber’s elbow are all names given to this condition, the most popular name of which is Golfer’s Elbow. The official term is epicondylitis. The condition is a sort of tendinitis, as the elbow’s inner side (where tendons connect to joints) become inflamed. This causes pain in that area that ranges from mild to severe.

Golfer’s elbow may come about from muscle and tendon damage, which help us regulate our wrists and fingers. Ongoing flexing, swinging, or gripping can lead to micro-tears and pulls in your tendons, triggering golfer’s elbow. Subsequently, scar tissues and calcium deposits can begin forming. Other activities that cause golfer’s elbow include cooking, wood chopping, computer mouse movements, painting, and hammering, in addition to several athletic moves. The Regenerative Treatments we offer can address such damage from its root cause. The result – a total elimination of your pain, allowing you to resume living your regular life again.

Partial Tear of the Distal Biceps Tendon

Your biceps keep your shoulders steady. Biceps can also help you rotate your forearm and bend your elbow. Tendons that hold bone and muscle together are located at the biceps’ end area. Tendons that are attached to your bicep muscles go-between the elbow and the shoulder. When this tendon is torn, you will lose strength on that arm, ultimately resulting in limited arm motion from the palm, moving all the way down the arm. A full tear can divide the tendon, separating it into a pair of detached sections. However, partial tears don’t completely divide the tendon. Distal biceps tendon tears generally happen because of sudden injuries, rather than coming about because of medical conditions. These types of tears may come about from heavy lifting if the elbows aren’t bent properly. After elbow joints become straightened forcibly, that distal tendon separates from your bicep. Our professionals can heal and treat tears in the distal biceps tendon using Regenerative Treatments. Our solutions focus on whatever is causing your pain for the sake of helping you resume a pain-free life.

Debilitating Pain Is Not Something You Need to Live With!

Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach provides non-invasive solutions to conventional treatments that can eliminate and treat your pain. Schedule a consultation with us for free and find out how our Regenerative Medicine Programs can heal all sorts of conditions, including golfer’s elbow.

Ankle and Foot Injuries That We Treat

Degeneration or pain in your ankle or foot can be quite dangerous. That is because problems impacting this area are capable of carrying over toward other parts of the body. When an individual puts weight on an ankle or foot that is injured, their gait can be thrown off. Further, a changed gait can stimulate more problems with posture or the joint surrounding it.

You are encouraged to treat whatever the cause of these problems before they start spreading to other parts of the body. If you no longer want to experience a stabbing, throbbing pain in the ankle or foot when walking, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach. We can help you live a life free of pain. Our company’s Regenerative Medicine Programs can restore joint mobility and health, allowing you to resume day-to-day activities again.

The Regenerative Medicine Program we offer can help with the following:

Ankle and Foot Pain

Our professionals have experience that is quite extensive with regards to deviation of ankle and foot pain. Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach has pioneered this industry’s modern regenerative medical treatments. The procedures we offer can happen the same day you come to see us. We can alleviate ankle and foot pain, no matter what is causing it.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and regenerative cell procedures that we provide can treat underlying conditions and damages that could be causing your pain. All it takes is a trip to our clinic before you start living a life free of pain again. Get in touch with us and find out how we can kickstart the healing process for you.

Plantar Fasciitis

Your arch tendon (a.k.a. plantar fascia) is situated in the foot’s bottom area. It can be described as a sort of connective tissue which runs all over the bottom area of your foot. It spreads from your heel bone and goes all the way to your toes, specifically the foot’s front area.

When this particular connective tissue gets overused, plantar fasciitis comes about. Some of its more common symptoms include the following:

  • Walking pain.
  • Reduced pain when the foot starts to get warmer.
  • A stabbing feeling in the heel that originates at the heel’s bottom area.

The condition is typically referred to as a sort of heel spur, though the two conditions are not similar. Heel spurs generally arise where your plantar fascia links to your heel bone (a.k.a. the calcaneus), which then manifests as a type of bony growth.

Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach has introduced a regenerative technique that can treat your plantar fascia. We can treat any connective tissue that is stressed using an injection of regenerative cells for the sake of alleviating your pain.

Are You Experiencing Debilitating Angular Foot Pain?

Extreme pain in your ankle or foot can significantly impact your day-to-day activities. Suffering is not something you need to put yourself through, though, and we can be of assistance. The Regenerative Treatments we offer can kick start the process of healing while minimizing your pain. Our treatments can help you resume your daily activities fairly quickly. Book a consultation with us for free today. In doing so, you can start the healing process as early as tomorrow.

Facial Rejuvination/ PRP Facelift

As we age our skin becomes less tight, and we develop wrinkles. Many people use Botox or fillers on a regular basis to help keep their skin tight, and reduce or eliminate wrinkles. While effective, many people are concerned about constantly needing to put chemicals into their body. Some are also concerned that it isn’t natural looking. In extreme cases people get surgical facelifts to temporarily help with these issues.

At Regenerative Medicine of Delray Beach, we provide a natural alternative called PRP, or a PRP Facelift. It uses the body's own cells, called platelets to:

  • Stimulate collagen growth
  • Reduce wrinkles and sagging
  • Reduce Lines
  • Tighten skin

The way it works, is blood is drawn from the patient. That blood is spun through a centrifuge to concentrate high amounts of platelets. These platelets have healing properties, that signal to the body to create new healthy tissue like collagen. The concentrated platelets or PRP is injected back into the patient, and within a short time there are noticeable differences to skin and face appearance, as much or more than the other chemical treatments. One of the great benefits of PRP is that it is very low risk, because it is using your body’s own blood and platelets.